Saturday, February 28, 2015

Tidbits -The Financial Edition

Yay to the end of February - a very short month and one that is filled with big expenses.  In a nutshell:

1.  We had the highest electricity bill (BC Hydro) of the year.  We only have one government owned option for electricity so have to swallow the rates they give us which went up this year.  They bill us every other month and the bill was $381 for two months useage.  Yikes.  I knew it was going to be high as check our usage regularly online, something that in this electronic age is pretty cool.   That included the month of January when we had three adults living here fulltime so I expect the next bill to be lower. We heat by electric heat pump except for the living room fireplace which is natural gas.  Natural gas also heats our hot water tank which is a relief as natural gas prices have decreased slightly.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Sunshine and Frugal Things

February 2015 Goose Spit Comox

I hope everyone had a great weekend - we certainly did.  Saturday we spent 3 hours cleaning the garage, spider wrangling (hubby had that job) and making room for our new kayaks.  The good news is everything fits nicely, we got rid of some recycling and made a small pile for our next garage sale.  We have a crawlspace under the entire house so have room to store that kind of stuff.  If I didn't we would have driven it straight to the thrift store.  It was tiring but it is so nice to know exactly where everything is in the garage and that it is tidy and organized - it hasn't looked this great since we moved in almost 3 years ago.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Furry Friday - Don't Lose Your Mind Just Because You Have A Pet

Happiness is Buddy Chewing On a Stick In The Sunshine

Buddy is such a lovely dog - we are so happy we got him.  We are trying to let him be a true dog versus a fru fru house only dog.  As you can see here, he fully enjoys sunshine, the yard, and chewing on sticks.  This is a very short post because it is late Friday night but I wanted to share something I saw today.  When we first got Buddy I found 100 biodegradable puppy poop bags at Wallyword for 99 cents.  I thought it was a reasonably good deal so I bought them.  Dollarama costs about $1.50 for the same.  

Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Final Piece of the Puzzle - Figuring Out How to Spend on What Makes You Happy

Back patio of happiness

When we visualized our life on Vancouver Island back when it was in the planning stages five years ago it went something like this:
-mortgage free cozy home within a short drive to the beach
-self-employed and make enough income to live the kind of life we want which includes taking time off when we want
-truck (to cart boat and dog to the beach)
-have enough money to travel somewhere new at least once per year

That vision changed slightly over the years.  Our home in Alberta had been paid off but was way too big and felt more like a boat anchor than a cozy home.  Plus, we had far too much money tied up in one asset.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Planning, Scheming, and Dreaming

Sunset on Quadra Island July 2014
This week I have spent a lot of time scheming and dreaming.  Now that kid #4 has moved out we are free to travel again - except for furry kid #5 (Buddy the puppy, see prior post) who needs to be potty trained before we can have someone sit for him.  We intend to take the month of July off from working at our Company as it is the most beautiful weather on Vancouver Island.  We hope to do lots of beach walking, kayaking and relaxing.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Happiness - Furry Friday Edition

Come on Mom, you know you want to play.
After two weeks here Buddy seems to be fitting into our home well - and he has certainly wiggled his way into our hearts.  He has a huge personality and demands lots of attention from us.He had his 2nd set of shots this week and is scheduled for his third and final set this year in one months time.  Puppies are expensive and we knew that so I am saving any way I can.  The vet offered that if I paid for this weeks visit and nexts month in one shot that I would receive a discount of 10% off.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Tally Up

If you are currently experiencing tons of snow and cold temperatures I feel for you.  February always felt like such a long way away from Spring when we lived in Alberta.  Here on Vancouver Island we are experiencing a lot of rain which is our typical winter.  We have had no snow which is unusual, it usually snows at least once a year.  

Monday, February 2, 2015

Glad to See the Backside of January

January was an extremely stressful month but ended up much more positively so things are starting to look up.  Part of the positive is that instead of waiting until Thursday to pick up our new puppy I decided to drive and get him on Saturday.  $200 was spent speed shopping on Friday on a kennel, puppy corral, bowl, food (*expensive but will last several months and is what his prior owners fed him)and we were all ready to welcome him home.  I had a planned lunch date to meet a friend in Nanaimo on Saturday so picked him up on the way home.  Thanks to all your well wishes and puppy names. In the end we named him .....

Friday, January 30, 2015

A Bundle of Joy - Furry Friday

So this little package of cuteness is coming to live with us next Thursday.  We have to decide on a name as his current one is a human name that we don't wish to keep so we will be changing it.  He was born on November 19th and is a miniature poodle.  That is his Dad's foot in the background.  His mom and dad are owned by a professional dog groomer (hence the fancy dog hairdo) who also breeds purebred poodles.  We met the whole family - and he comes from great parents with really nice personalities.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Big Life Choices

We received some news from my 22 year old Stepson today.  His application to the Canadian Army has been processed and he is being hired as a crewman.  They usually work in/on tanks.  He gets shipped out February 13th to Quebec for his basic training.